Moving on Up

Today I am writing this one-handed as Emilia lays on my chest to feed (through her NG tube, I haven’t gone full Meet the Fockers yet). During rounds we learned from the doctor that Emilia is up 76 grams! Having just weighed out my garlic sausage for breakfast (yes, weighed out, dad needs to make some opposite progress) in a similar amount I feel like I’m in a well educated position to know we are making good progress.

This weekend we have some friends staying with us who have two young daughters. Unfortunately the little ones can’t visit, despite the cute questions about where is baby Emilia, but it’s fun to see them around and look forward to what things will be like when Emilia can come home.

Which reminds me, don’t be afraid to accept the generosity and support of your friends and colleagues. We have been amazingly lucky to have so many people helping us out; from dog walking, prepping meals, to having our driveway shoveled after a big snow. These people have made what could have been an incredibly stressful experience one that is actually at times quite pleasant.

I’ve never been one to lean on others much. Displays of affection and receiving gifts usually give me a good dose of social anxiety for some reason. I think internally my computer (brain?) is always running some unrealistic tally where I believe I’m falling behind.

I’ve tried to move past that, turning my heart towards seeing friendship and help for what it is, not something to be repaid but something to be experienced and shared. So for those to whom I am not always the most expressive in my words, know that I sincerely appreciate your help.

Alright, now that the gross mushy stuff is out of the way what is going on with Emilia?

Emilia’s cool new clothes.

Since she has turned things around with gaining a bit of weight the doctors have shortened her feeding time. Rather than having 28 ml of fortified MOM over ninety minutes we are going to try it over an hour. As I sit here writing we are about ten minutes in and no regurgitation yet so hopefully she keeps it up.

Outside of that small detail her treatment will continue as before. Lots of skin on skin time coupled with dad’s poor attempts at lullabys. I actually looked up the words to some yesterday when I started waxing poetic to her video games and realized nothing rhymed.

Later today we get to give her a bath, mostly by ourselves (uh oh). I’m a little concerned by how easy the nurse made it look last time compared to how much of a wild snake Emilia can be when we dress her. Her little legs shoot out straight like a dancers and she wriggles around. I’m sure it will be fine though; firm grip, steady hand. Who knew washing a baby was so akin to the claw game?

So there you have it. Another day, one step closer to home.

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