Early parole, beads, and a new bed!

Today Emilia has continued her trend of gaining weight, having moved up a full 23 grams or so overnight. For those keeping track at home she is slowly making her way back to her birth weight. Once that happens she will finally be a certified “grower”, half of the grower/feeder power-status she needs to get out of here.

The medical staff is impressed by Emilia’s progress so far, going so far as to label her a star performer on the NICU floor. She is still having the occasional apnea induced episode but because she spontaneously recovers these are not held against her. The volume of her feedings is going to be increased slightly and they are considering reducing the amount of fortifier in MOM that they have been using. Lauren also gets to try breastfeeding her from a breast which hasn’t already been pumped. The plan is to try that this afternoon so hopefully she does well. Emilia has been displaying some decent suckling with her soother so we’re hoping this will be a piece of cake.


Emilia with her trusty soother above her, giving dad the “let me sleep” look.

In bigger news, Emilia got paroled from her isolette and moved to a big girl bed last night! I couldn’t help but feel a bit of pride as the isolette was wheeled away, the monstrosity of it contrasting sharply with the small compact little bed Emilia will now sleep in. The new bed has a heated water pad that goes right under Emilia to help keep her warm; in order to maximize the warmth she gets from the water pad she has to stick to legless/armless onesies for now. As time goes on, and as she gets better and better at regulating her own body temperature, she will be moved to a regular bassinette and she can go back to her cool threads.

As an example of how they try to support families here I wanted to show everyone these cool beads, provided by the Treasure Life Foundation at no cost, which document your baby’s journey through the NICU. Each bead has a meaning and is added as Emilia reaches a milestone or has a new procedure done. It’s a small thing but a fun little addition that makes you feel like part of a family even though you’re surrounded by strangers. I’ve never been much for crafting but I think the idea behind this one is pretty neat.


I’ll report back on how her first actual breast feed goes tomorrow.

That’s all for now,




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