How Not To Tell People About Your Preemie

Turns out there is a way you should NOT tell people about your premature baby. For example I offer up this exchange between my neighbours and I last night. To set the scene we had just come outside to find them playing with their cute new little puppy and started chatting.

Me: “So, as you can probably tell from Lauren’s missing belly here (which I give a soft little pat and smile) she no longer has the baby.”

Neighbours: *immediate terror floods their faces*

Me: “Well, I mean, we didn’t lose it. I know where it is, at the hospital (followed by another big smile).”

Neighbours: *awkward confusion, combined with wide eyes and panic, female neighbour grips said cute puppy tighter in her arms*

Me: (This is about when I clue in that something isn’t right.) “No, no, no. She HAD the baby, just a bit early. She’s okay she just has to stay at the hospital for a while.”

Needless to say, I’m pretty sure I left them a bit traumatized. I’ll have to work on my delivery for any future revelations to people we know.



So Emilia wasn’t too into actual breastfeeding yesterday. She kept her lips firmly sealed and made do with just snuggling up with mom for her feeds. We know not too expect too much but I couldn’t help but feel a tug of disappointment. I think it is because I know the sooner she is feeding well the sooner she can come home. The nurse showed Lauren a silicon cup, heroically named the Guard of the Nipple, which helps preemie babies get a good grip while protecting mom’s nipples from munching. With it on her breast looks a little bit like Hannibal Lecter from Silence of the Lambs but I digress (jeez, now that I’ve made that connection I’ll need to work on forgetting it).

During rounds today Emilia was officially designated a GROWER! She’s now up 8 grams from her birth weight to a total of 1548 grams. We were told that last night they were able to lower the temperature of her heated mattress a bit, as Emilia is getting better at regulating her own body, and that will continue until they remove it completely.

I told the nurses and NNP the above story during rounds. They were both shocked and amused. I sometimes like to play a bit of the clueless father so I wonder sometimes if they don’t worry a bit for Emilia’s future, haha.

This morning I did some kangaroo care with Emilia for two hours or so. During cuddling time Emilia had a bad case of hiccups which she followed up with some smiles (which while heart-melting also look suspiciously like the face she makes when she poops). We have company coming to visit shortly following which Lauren will get some skin-to-skin in and try some more breastfeeding. Speaking of Lauren she is currently napping on the couch in front of me. I think the pumping is taking a lot of her energy (she has to get up during the night and in the early morning). There’s really not much I can do for her there so I try to let her get as much sleep as she can and offer my support in cleaning pumping supplies.



Emilia practising for mom with her soother. You can see how small she is compared to my hand. Look at those big eyes!


That’s all for now, thanks for keeping up with us.



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