Bath time!

No news is good news. Emilia didn’t gain or lose any weight overnight which, although we want her to keep growing, is not a concern to the doctors. For now things will remain the status quo with her care concerning the amount of food she is given and her medication.

This morning Emilia had another shot at breastfeeding. She had one or two good sucks before deciding that mom, the nurse, and dad (all of whom were hovering over her) could bugger off and let her sleep. The trick is getting her there when she isn’t sleeping, which for her is essentially every minute of the day, so we will try again later this afternoon when she perks up.

Mom had her turn at the wheel for bath time today. I assisted with a butchery job at swaddling (I’ll call it bundling from now on) and Lauren took it from there. Emilia did pretty good during the face wash and hair; it wasn’t until she hit the water that she decided to show us who’s boss. Looking at the pictures you might be a bit concerned about her feeding tube dangling there, but don’t worry. It is capped off at the end and is fully submersible.

I helped Lauren out a bit when Emilia started fussing by utilizing a little known fathering trick handed down through generations.


Dad’s secret parenting trick for quiet bath time.

After bath time Emilia got some new clothes, courtesy of the hospital, which came complete with a matching hat. I hope for my wallet’s sake she isn’t this attached to style as she gets older.

Outside of Emilia time things are going well. Lauren has been frantically managing her March Madness office pool during her downtime, huddled over her computer and rifling through pages of notes like a back alley bookie.

Today we tried the hospital cafeteria for the first time (largely my fault as my appetite last night prevented any leftovers surviving the night). Surprise, it was actually good. This could have been due to the fact I was starving though as Lauren didn’t share my opinion. Oh well, this morning I set up a big crockpot full of beef and cabbage stew. We should be drowning in deliciousness for the rest of the week.

Right now Lauren has left me to watch over Emilia as Lauren stalks the plains of Kijiji. I think today’s prey is some crib sheets and a playpen. The news this week out of Victoria (think nails in baby toys, although I have to say that story sounds a bit far-fetched) makes me question whether we want to stick to used products but the price sure is right. I know lots of parents are worried about safety, germs, and whatnot (at least until their second child gets the ol’ obligatory soother-wipe-after-falling-on-floor treatment). I share most of the same concerns, probably a little too many if you ask Lauren, but so far nothing we have purchased seems to have any noticeable issues. It’s crazy that people will buy these products for hundreds of dollars just to offload them at a quarter of the price only months later. Score one for capitalism I guess.

Next Monday I go back to work. I’ll still be close by, if Lauren needs me (or, more likely, if I need to see Dad’s little girl), but for now we’ve decided I should reserve some of my time off for when Lauren goes home and needs some help. Thankfully our work is great for this kind of stuff and it hasn’t been an issue. I can certainly empathize with parents that don’t have this flexibility, surely that adds a lot of stress to an already stressful situation.

Two weeks from now Grandma, some aunties, and a great-aunt may be coming to visit. It will be nice to have some family here to see Emilia rather than just via FaceTime. Lauren’s brother was able to visit early last week; however, the majority of our family lives quite far from us and are saving their visiting times for when Emilia gets to come home. Now if only we can convince my sister to take up a job of full-time nanny once we both have to go back to work… hmm…

As always, thanks for following along with us!




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