Like Mother, Like Daughter

Emilia is officially at 33 weeks gestation/development today! Yesterday was her two-week birthday so with all the set-up for the bouncy castle (waste of money if you ask me, preemies don’t really do much in there) and all that I didn’t have time to write.

Emilia is now up to 1646 grams. For those of you keeping track that is 106 grams, just under 4 ounces, more than her birth weight. During rounds the medical staff don’t really have much to tell us other than that she is a star. According to the NNP Tara, who doesn’t want to jinx it but were not complaining, Emilia is behaving as though she were a week older than she really is. She is still having the odd bout of apnea but Tara says these will subside as Emilia reaches 35 and 36 weeks of development. Overall they just want us to keep at the breastfeeding attempts until it “clicks” with Emilia and she starts “going to town” on the nipple. Alas, to be a father is to resist those inappropriate jokes.

Tara also got our hopes up a bit by asking if we had a four-pound capable car-seat. She doesn’t expect Emilia to come home THAT soon but suggested we get prepared. This comment was enough for Lauren to “suggest” I put together the stroller and figure out the car-seat last night. The stroller was easy enough, snapping together without much effort. It wasn’t until I flipp;d open the car-seat instructions that I realized what kind of rabbit-hole I’d slipped into: infants, toddlers, weight, max length, anchor points, reverse-dual strap-anchor-clip, levelling bubbles, and more. What happened to the days when you just tossed the little one in the glove-box and got to driving? I’m sure I’ll figure it out, that’s why YouTube exists after all.

We had a visitor yesterday who brought Emilia this fancy blanket he purchased at a local farmer’s market. Lauren was pretty excited as it was something she was planning to get herself. It will be a bit before Emilia can hang out on the pillowed side (the other side is flat) but it’s definitely made our hospital room couch quite a bit more comfy.


Emilia’s puffy new blanket/mat.

Two days ago I learned something about Emilia I thought might be the case; however, in my fear, I didn’t want to mention it. Unfortunately, it’s been confirmed: Emilia is the smelliest baby on the NICU. According to the nurse during night-shift the door to her room had to be left open to clear the air after she unleashed a hurricane of bowel movements. I can’t say I was surprised, having been with Lauren for just about seven years now, but I fear for her future. Coincidentally, in what was likely an attempt by Emilia to secure her position on the throne, during change time with mom she let loose a cute fart (can you call farts cute? what is happening to me…) right into mom’s face. I can’t say I’ve ever actually seen a fart that up-close before, nor do I think I ever wanted to; such are the joys of parenthood.

Our days now consist of lots of skin-on-skin care with Emilia and Lauren trying to throw in the odd breastfeeding attempt. During this I am trying to schedule the development of our basement in preparation for the time when both mom AND dad are back at work. Emilia’s bedroom now is the smallest one in our house, barely large enough for her crib, change table, and chair. We’d like to move her to our guest bedroom which necessitates the creation of some additional space for guests in the basement. I figure I’ll recoup the costs in rent (13 is a good age right?) when Emilia gets a bit older.

I’ve been doing research on how best to introduce Emilia to our dog and two cats. This had the side effect of me watching numerous videos of cats attacking children, which while previously hilarious, now come with a side of tension. I think I’ll bring some blankets home to introduce the smell of Emilia to the animals over the coming weeks and we will take it from there. Lauren thinks that the cats should be allowed in our bedroom overnight when Emilia is sleeping in her bassinette there; although, I think I may have to utilize a security-council veto there.

With only three days left until I go back to work I am treasuring my time with  Emilia; nothing melts my heart faster than her too-tiny fingers gripping my pinky finger while she cuddles on my chest. These past two weeks have gone by so fast, despite the struggles managing our hospital and our home life. That being said I can tell that it may be time to turn things over to Lauren during the day. This comment, which came from Lauren just now as I type this, is a sure sign:

“Can I pump your nipples so you can see what it feels like? I’d really appreciate that.”

Yes, time to take my leave.




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